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Custom Web Site Design

Every project requires individual approach... but they all have one thing in common: in every case the same level of professionalism is necessary to achieve desired result.

Just for this purpose development of a custom web site design is split into following stages:

  1. project specification
  2. custom graphic layout design
  3. template coding
  4. custom web programming
  5. contents optimization
  6. testing and final adjustments
  7. post-project support

1. Project Specification

Working out a detailed project specification is necessary for further project development. It is also a basis for pricing and creating a timetable.

At this stage project basics are being outlined:

  1. target group
  2. layout design guidelines
  3. site map
  4. approximate no. of subpages
  5. optional requirements for back end system i.e.:
    1. contents management system (CMS)
    2. database design
    3. etc.

2. Graphic Layout Design

Attractive look is a single most important aspect of a successful custom web site design. Responsible for the first impression, which plays a key role in a decision either to read the contents of the web site or not.

SgiTi puts extra effort to deliver attractive, modern and unique looking web sites.

Usual practice is to provide two separate custom layout designs. One prepared according to Customer's requirements on style. The second one is offered as an alternative.

Of course both of them can either be left to designer's imagination or made in two different styles suggested by the Customer.

Upon complication of those two web designs one is chosen for further development. it is then polished to meet the Client's needs.

SgiTi ensures that no stock, template designs are being used.

3. Custom Template Coding

Professional web site must not be made using amateur ways.

Having this in mind SgiTi achieves the highest quality and web standards compliance by hand coding every single line of HTML and CSS code.

All completed projects are written in valid (X)HTML and CSS.

4. Custom Web Programming

Back end programming is based on popular open source solutions like PHP and postgreSQL.

Upon request other databases can be used, however postgreSQL is preferred.

5.Contents Optimization

Even the most visually appealing web site will be useless if it can't be found. This is also true in case of "heavy weight" web sites, taking too long to load even with broadband connection.

Extensive usage of tools such as Macromedia Flash can cause search engine indexing impossible.

SgiTi takes special care in search engine optimization (SEO).
At this stage of web site development a set of carefully researched keywords is proposed, and upon Client's approval whole web site contents is being rewritten and reorganized.

6. Testing

Final stage of developing a custom web site design is a testing. At this time Customer also has the opportunity to request final adjustments. That is specially important, as some flaws can be spotted when the whole product can be viewed.

Fine tuning ensures that every good idea can be polished to the point in witch it excels initial expectations.

7. Post-Project Support

SgiTi always provides ongoing support for it's products.

Development price includes one year of free support.